There’s More to it Than That

Over the years, I have assessed situations quickly, certain I was spot on, only to find out that I was WRONG! If I had a dollar for each of these times, I would be a wealthy woman. Do you feel me?

Now, I understand where I went wrong back then. Since the start of my transformation journey, I have worked hard to hone my empathic superpower. Using this power makes it virtually impossible to misjudge a situation, or so it should, but I still managed to do it. Go figure!

This is how it happened. I have been staying with my eldest daughter Katelyn since last August. During this time, I continue to be grateful for Katelyn’s love and support (including financial support), the solitude of farm living, her furry babies, spiritual growth, memories we’ve created, and countless laughs. More on the furry babies in a minute.

On the flip side, I have been asking God when the day is coming that I’m financially independent and living my purpose in Florida? I mean, geez, Katelyn wants her life back, and we both want me to get back on my financial feet. Besides, I have a purpose to live, and I want to get on with it, STAT!

Of course, I did not expect God to hand over the new chapter in my life without doing my part, so I have been working diligently to create several income streams to no avail.

Then a couple of weeks ago, I received a text from the modeling agency that I had been selected for the client to consider for a tourism photo shoot on St. Kitts. You can imagine my excitement at the thought of having a killer adventure while making money enjoying the sun, sea breeze, and saltwater. I looked at this as an indication that my situation was on the verge of changing, and I was grateful. Most importantly, I knew Katelyn and her babies would be fine during the 6-days I would be gone. I could feel the sun on my skin and the sand beneath my feet. I was stoked!

A week went by without a word. It was now two weeks before the shoot. With my confidence waning slightly, I reached out to the agency and was told the client had not made their decision yet, but they would be sure to let me know if I was selected. I took that as good news because I was still in the running. But, I thought the practice of only notifying the selected models was a poor one.

Another week went by when I awoke upset. I had a dream that I interpreted to mean I would not be going to St. Kitts. Once God confirmed, I crawled out of bed with a ginormous chip on my shoulder and the attitude of a petulant child.

I threw some clothes on and headed outside to feed the donkeys, a mini mule, a regular-sized mule, and three horses as I had for 7-months. After giving them grain, I stood watching as I said to God, “I did what you asked, and nothing has changed. When is it my turn to have abundance, adventure, and joy?”

When my poor attitude carried over to the next day, God saw fit to do something about it. Julia Miller, the author of GERMLINE and the newest Inspiring Stories article writer, introduced me to a friend of hers, Danielle Corrie. Julia thought the two of us would hit it off, both being authors and psychic mediums. It didn’t take long chatting with my new Australian acquaintance to agree that we should do a psychic reading for the other. I jumped on this opportunity as I would jump on a trampoline. After sharing my frustrations, I asked for clarity on why the life I have been trying to manifest has not taken form.

OH SNAP! Have you ever heard of a spiritual bitch slapping? Neither had I until I received one. Spirits’ messages to me were, “We are disappointed that you do not see all the abundance, joy, adventure, and love that surrounds you. Open your eyes and look. Just because it’s not the life you are manifesting doesn’t make it any less incredible. There is more to this than you know. For now, live in the moment and trust that your manifestations will take form in divine timing and in alignment with your highest self.”

Ouch, that stung! Spirit was right, of course! I had momentarily lost sight that Katelyn needs me too and the joy I get being with her and her furry babies. It is joyful to see the happiness she derives from loving, teaching, and giving them a forever home. We say this jokingly, but we are serious; animals that come to live here have hit the jackpot. An extra joy bonus for me is loving, interacting, and communicating with them. It’s a whole lot of furry therapy that I am so grateful for. I’ll miss them terribly when I’m gone.

As for adventure, I don’t need to leave the farm to have that. The antics of the furry babies in the pasture always fill my adventure cup. The most recent came from the mini-mule named Dusty, whose nickname became GI Joe Dusty Mischief on this particular morning. Katelyn and I were up early and in the pasture trying to get two horses and one pony loaded into the trailer for a 9:00 am hoofdicure appointment 2 hours away. Dusty was wound up and charged at the wire fence a couple of times stopping about an inch from it. As I stood holding the lead line on one of the horses just inside the pasture gate, Dusty started running around us, rearing and kicking. His message was, “I don’t know where they’re going, but I’m going to.” I told him he was not going on this adventure then assured him the horses and pony would be back later in the day. He needed to stay and play with the donkeys.

Dusty’s antics continued as Katelyn led the horse out of the pasture. He was not taking no for an answer. Hesitantly, I walked away to get the pony named Rex. Dusty seeing another of his buddies going further fueled his fire. When Katelyn came to get the pony, I told her of my concerns. She took a look at Dusty and agreed he was going to try something. After Katelyn took the pony from the pasture, she asked me to reconnect the wire gate and turn on the electric fence. After doing both, I told her to go ahead that I would keep an eye on Dusty.

Katelyn and Rex had disappeared when I blinked and Dusty did a perfectly timed army crawl under the fence. Before I could lunge for him, he got up and hauled ass after Katelyn and Rex. I hollered, “Dusty is loose and headed your way.

At first, he headed towards the trailer where Katelyn stood coaxing Rex in. He then took a sharp right and went around the trailer towards the road. I ran to the front of the truck in hopes of cutting him off and made it in time. He turned, ran to the back of the trailer, stopped, looked at Rex and Katelyn then jumped in. I said, “GI Joe Dusty Mischief is ready to go.” I walked to the side of the trailer to catch my breath but was unable because I was laughing too hard. This story is one of many hilarious adventurous things that happen routinely around Cool Ranch Long Ears.

As God reminded me, abundance is everywhere I look; in Katelyn, her furry babies, our health, my spiritual gifts, and our loved ones, just to name a few.

So, the next time you think you have a situation figured out, take another look because you may see there’s more to it than you thought.

All Aboard! The Transformation train is leaving the station. Next stop, “The Grass is Greener!

Handsome Pony Rex
GI Joe Dusty Mischief
Lucky, Addie, & Rowdy

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