The Grass is Greener!

Does this sound familiar?

How many times when you were on the verge of making a major life change were you told, “The grass isn’t always greener on the other side!” I recall hearing this many times throughout my life. In retrospect, those words always came with foreboding energy that prompted me to pause and think of all that could go wrong. Thus, staying where I was, doing whatever I was, despite being miserable. 

Ego, who knew?

I believed this narrative until the day Whitney told our Aligned group that our ego is a determining factor when considering forward action. Up to that point, I believed ego to be the word to describe someone with an inflated opinion of themselves.

Who knew that ego is who we believe ourselves to be? Bonus points to you if you do! I certainly didn’t.

I was driven by fear!

As I’ve written, I thought very little of myself throughout my life and was self-loathing in 2019. So, my ego kept me in a constant state of fear. We all know when we are in this state, it is impossible to move forward, right? 

Sometimes the ego needs corrective action!

So I excavated the old beliefs and released them.

This paved the way for a healthy ego to take over and is now making it possible to achieve everything I’ve dreamed of and so much more.

The grass is greener!

So, I stand on the other side, looking around at the lush green grass while feeling its coolness entangled between my toes, knowing there are no limits to what I can do, the places I will go, the lives I will impact, and the stories I will tell.

Life is short!

Don’t delay in joining me on greener grass. I’m waiting with open arms.

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All Aboard! The Transformation train is leaving the station. Next stop, “I Said Yes!


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