That Was Not The Plan!

As I pulled away from Laurie’s house on that hot August morning, I was smiling and singing along to Cool Change by Little River Band. I thought, “Yes, it certainly is time for another great change!” Spirit was coming through, again!” I was pinching myself and thinking of things I wanted to do to make the turnkey home my own. (Follow up to blog article: I Believe: The Key to Manifesting Your Dream Life)

It was around 7 pm when I rolled into Katelyn’s driveway in North Carolina. My mood was less happy, but I was keeping the faith that spirit was coming through with the down payment for the house.

The clock struck midnight as I sat befuddled because the money never materialized. The former me would have been on the verge of tears asking spirit what the hell was going on. But, the new me was calm and disappointed as I wondered if I had misunderstood all the signs or if the plan had changed.

Later that morning, I made my way down the stairs to find Katelyn standing in her kitchen. She looked up and knew unfortunate news was forthcoming. I rubbed my hands over my face and told her what had happened or what hadn’t happened. She let out a sigh and told me how sorry she was.

I was out of money with nowhere to go. So much for the happy ending Laurie spoke of the morning I left Florida. “Shari, I cannot think of a better ending for your book. You get a forever home, a happily ever after. You are deserving of this. I’m so happy for you!” Her words continued to circle in mind.

Still wondering what had happened, I reached out to my psychic friend Mary Puterbaugh to ask where I went wrong. She replied, “You didn’t. The money will come when you sell your manuscript. Spirit also thinks that you would be sorry you chose the house that you did.” That was wild! There was no mention of that while I was house hunting and working with the realtor. Spirit told her that the money would come when I needed it.

Ugh! I had no choice but to inform the realtor the money never materialized.

After taking a couple of days to regroup, I asked Katelyn if I could stay while I finished my book and tried to get back on my financial feet. Of course, she said yes. What else could she say?

As I worked on my book, I contemplated my predicament; I was homeless and broke again. How could this be when I was in alignment and living my soul’s purpose? It would have been easy to be bitter and pissed, but I wasn’t. I was calm and more hopeful than ever! Why? I had learned that when we increase our vibration, up level, God changes the plan to meet where we are energetically. Spirit was right. I woke up a couple of weeks ago and was grateful I had not bought that house. I have no idea what the new plan is for my forever house, but I wait with excited anticipation to find out.  

Then, euphoria washed over me last December when I finished my book, a rewrite, and an edit. It was surreal! Everything about this project was comparable to child-rearing, including a tremendous sense of pride and accomplishment! Oh, it was good to be me!

Now, it was time to send the manuscript to my mentor, Scott Hastie who had offered to read it and provide suggestions before sending it to the UK publisher who had requested the full manuscript the year before. The timing was less than optimal with Christmas two weeks away. But, in true Scott fashion, he quickly responded. The earliest he could read it would be the first of the year because he was spending time making new memories with his family! My heart was happy hearing this news.

Feeling my manuscript was in good order, I was eager to send it to the publisher by year-end. So, I crossed my fingers and prayed as I hit the send button. It was comforting thinking this was the publisher that spirit chose to offer me a phat publishing deal.

It was just after the new year when I received an email from Scott with the subject line, “Your Book.” My legs and hands began shaking as my heart pounded. I opened his email and began to read with one eye open. Both eyes flew open when I saw that my efforts had earned his respect. That was awesome to hear, but this brought me to tears; “You have honestly written how life has treated you and feels to you in such a wonderfully open, enthusiastic, and generous way. Deliberately and consistently shaping your account so that it also offers the blessings and lessons life has provided you with to others – Which, after all, is all we writers can ever aspire to, isn’t it?”

Wow, his words gave me an extra boost in my step and confidence as an author. Scott finished his email by suggesting I send the manuscript “as is” to other publishers seeking the best deal.

I woke up in the wee hours on January 7th, the day after my birthday, to an email from the publisher. They were generously offering me a Hybrid contract. Their words were laughable because that meant they were asking me to pay them to publish. Arg!

With my undies in a bunch for the next 7.2 minutes, I sent Scott and several friends an email to tell them the disappointing news. Just before receiving Scott’s response, spirit’s message gave me solace, “The plan has changed! We have a better publisher in mind.”

Scott replied by telling me he thought that might be their response and is the reason he suggested I reach out to others. He then provided me with a couple of resources then reminded me that I am new to the industry and have a lot to learn. Then he shared words of wisdom, “Do take to heart this is a process that you have barely begun, so it is far too early to become too downhearted. I can assure you of that!” His final words were, “…more a case of opening up your soul to the process and trusting the magic to work, an act of faith if you like.”

As I’ve always done, I followed Scott’s advice! That began a new path of learning the ins and outs of the publishing industry and writing the documents needed when querying publishers. I felt like a 5-year old standing in front of my classroom on the first day of kindergarten; a bit afraid, willing to take on the challenge, and excited to learn new things. Boy, have I learned a lot since that day, thanks to Scott’s resources and the Twitter writing community.

Today, I await word from a publishing, television, and film agency in the UK. I am grateful to spirit for putting this amazing lady and her agency in my path. Spirit was not joking when they said they had a better agency in mind. It remains to be seen if this is still the plan or if spirit is going to throw me another curve ball. Stay tuned!

All Aboard! The Transformation train is leaving the station. Next stop, “There’s More to it Than That.



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