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When I first received an invitation to contribute to the Transformers community, I thought about writing my healing story the way I’ve done many times before. However, I’ve recently come to a huge realization about the story; it’s time to relate to it differently. 

In the past, I told my story from the lens of the challenges and struggles I overcame. Now, I’m ready to engage with it in a more expansive way. The time has come to release the aspects of the story that focus on the pain, and tell of my lessons and gains instead. 

I’m currently going through a phase that began when I stepped into full time entrepreneurship; I’m ready to experience something different. I have come to understand that as long as I keep upholding the experiences and emotions of the past, I continue to carry the energy related to them.   

Energy is everything! These are concepts that are sometimes difficult to grasp, but from an energetic perspective, where attention goes, energy flows, and like attracts like. So, as long as I continue giving attention to the story of pain, that energy will continue to be amplified by the experience. 

So, it is time to create a different energetic vibration. The aspects of the new experiences I desire to have are still a little unfamiliar. But, I’m a champion of the human spirit. I know that it’s possible for me, even if I don’t yet know the how. Whatever we want to create is available to all of us… really! It’s just a matter of healing, evolving and aligning to receive. 

I’m now inviting in the experience of an infinite flow of love, power, wisdom, abundance, prosperity and unity. So, it no longer serves me to engage with the stories of the past in the same way, especially those aspects that are incongruent with what I’m moving towards. I’m not minimizing the importance of those stories because they made me who I am. But, the time has come to claim them as complete…done…finito! It’s time to move on to a new chapter.  

With this new perspective in mind, here are some of the aspects of my story that I want to share with you: 

  • My life has gifted me with many opportunities to learn from a vast array of people that have helped me build character and resiliency. It’s taken time to recognize those as such because that was not always the case.
  • I restored my health and have maintained a lifestyle in which I feel vibrant and balanced.
  • I have experienced and mastered an array of emotional states throughout my life. Many did not serve me but were still valuable in supporting my growth and increasing my emotional intelligence.
  • Through many experiences of incongruence, I’ve been able to reach greater clarity about who I am and the things that are right for me. 
  • I’m grateful for the life experiments that provided me with opportunities to discern my truth. 
  • My heart and capacity to love has expanded, and continues to be, beyond what I ever imagined possible through my journey of motherhood and a completed marriage. 
  • I have confidence and inner authority to take the leap of faith into entrepreneurship after a 15-year career in education.
  • Although, I still have moments of fear, I’ve learned that when it’s my heart’s desire and it’s in alignment, I have the capacity and strength to let the fear move through me and take action towards my goals.
  • And, one of my greatest lessons is that no matter how difficult an experience is, forgiveness, power and grace are always available to me, if and when I claim them. 

It feels so much better to tell the story from this perspective because there is inspiration and motivation in this new version. It is empowering and makes me more determined than ever. This services me in a more expansive way. 

Now, you try it! Grab a journal and a writing utensil. As you write, focus on the lessons instead of the pain. Reframe the aspects of struggle to ones of victory. Release the aspects of your story that no longer serve you and focus on accessing the power that the completed experience gifted you. How do you feel? Does this version represent the new you? 

This exercise is not meant to diminish the value of our stories but to reframe it to serve and support us in attracting our heart’s desires and the experiences we’re looking to create. You’re worthy of it! We all are! 

If I can be a witness and encouragement on your journey, reach out to me. You can book a free session to discuss how I can offer value through my services. 

May your heart be open and your experiences expansive! 

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