My Life Is In the Toilet

It was the morning of my 55th birthday, January 2019 in Tucson, AZ when I stood from the golden throne and pushed the handle. Watching the water swirl down, down, down, an overwhelming feeling came over me.

I walked to the sink glanced into the mirror. I was horrified to see a shell of a woman. “Who is she?” I asked myself. This had been a lifetime in the making but the three years in Tucson brought it to a head. I cried for the loss of the optimistic, enthusiastic, ambitious, hopeful, and proud person that I once was. I cried harder, huge ugly tears for the insecure, fearful, depressed, angry, emotionally detached, and hopeless person I became. 

My financial situation was equally as bad. By this point, I was driving for a ride share company and staging homes for a realtor friend. Both jobs got me out of the house which made co-existing easier but wasn’t enough to support myself or pay my bills.

The thought of letting the current take me away was pleasing but not an option according to the universe when it gave me a swift kick to my ass then said “You are meant to be and to do more. Get crack’n!” 

After the tears dried I sat to contemplate the next right step.

Several days later at the appointed time, the massage therapist rang the doorbell. We were close and talked openly about our lives. 

I felt safe telling her that I was in a bad emotional place. I explained I wanted to seek counsel from a psychic and asked if she knew of one. 

Two minutes after shutting the door behind her I was on the psychic’s website. Thus began my life transformation journey.

All Aboard! The transformation train is leaving the station. Next stop, “The Knight!


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This is the story of my life transformation journey and how I went from poverty, homelessness, and emotionally broken to thriving and living my purpose.

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