It Could Happen to You!

I woke up early in February to a LinkedIn message from a new connection. He introduced himself as Jean Jacques Bosco (JJ) (pictured above) and told me about his book, “Nobody Knows What Happened in Rwanda: Hope and Horror in the 1994 Genocide.” Then he asked if I would be interested in reading his book and writing a review on Amazon.

Now, this is not the type of book I generally read. But, something crazy happened during meditation that morning. I was one of many who crossed the souls of the genocide victims. I saw the atrocities that led them to their death but had no idea what the situation was. You could say JJ’s invitation was no coincidence. God was hard at work.

Unsure of how JJ would take the news of my meditation experience, I did not elaborate. I explained that I am a soul midwife and had crossed the souls of many of his countrymen and women earlier that day. Then agreed to buy the book, read it, and post a review. I closed my eyes and pushed the send button, then waited with bated breath for his response. A sigh escaped my lips when I read that he was grateful for my willingness and acknowledged God was on it.

Over the next couple of months, I read his book when time allowed. Every time I picked up the book, it was nearly impossible to put it down. His story is so gripping, horrific, and laced with hope that I began reading it one evening and was still reading at 3 am.

JJ was a college student living on campus when the genocide began. As I read this, a chill ran through my body. I could not help but wonder what I would do if I were JJ or if my child was in this situation.

When the last page was read, a myriad of emotions washed over me while thoughts took a permanent seat in my mind.

Here is what I know. The inception of all human slaughters is the government demonizing a group of people.  By planting seeds that a group of people are cock roaches, so to speak. Then the government leads them to believe they are untrustworthy and need to pay penance. This paves the way for  the government to step in and  lead the extermination effort.

I also know that the only correct action is to remain united with your countrymen and women regardless of differing of opinion, race, color, ethnicity, or religion. 

I call upon you to ask yourself if you see this happening in the country you live? I do, and it terrifies me. It could happen to you. So, I am taking action by writing JJ’s screenplay and hosting his book/screenwriting club. Please join us for intimate discussions with JJ and his fellow Rwandans about their experiences and what we can do to prevent this from happening in our own country. For all details about the Man From Rwanda-1994 Genocide Book/Screenwriting Club click here. 

See you inside the book club. Note: Membership in the club ends July 1st.

All Aboard! The Transformation train is leaving the station. Next stop, “Inspiring Stories.



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