I Said Yes!

You might be thinking I said yes to the dress or a marriage proposal, but what I said yes to is much bigger and changed my life.

Let me take you back one month when this all began. I received an email from a fellow author and owner/president of Rave Review Book Club, Nonnie Jules asking me to be a guest on their podcast, “Let’s Talk About It.” The topic for discussion was how words and actions impact us. She had read my blog and suspected I would have a lot to contribute to the conversation. She was right! lol But, I hesitated before saying yes.

Even though I’ve known for several years that God planned for me to do interviews and speak to large crowds, a part of me was still afraid because the lifetime of trauma I endured created a substantial speech impediment. I had been working on improving it, but my voice was not where I wanted it to be. After sending Nonnie an email asking a few questions, I went to bed.

That evening, I had a dream. I was standing on a cliff in Hawaii, looking down into bluish-green crystal clear water, wondering how far down it was, when a flotation device appeared behind me. When I turned to look, God said, “Jump”! I wrapped my fingers around the handles and leaped without hesitation.

This was a first. God had told me to jump many times throughout my transformation journey, but fear always kept me stationary. Inevitably I would spend months berating myself for my cowardliness and beg for another chance. So recently, I told God that I would say yes to all opportunities he sends my way. God wasted no time in testing me. So, on my way down, euphoria and excitement came over me. It was a new exhilarating feeling.

When I hit the water, I released the device and looked up to where I had been standing. Delight captured the corners of my mouth, and I could not help but smile. As I swam to shore, God said, “You’re supported.” Ah, that is what I needed to say yes to Nonnie.

I crawled out of bed, read Nonnie’s reply, and responded, “Yes, I would love to be a guest on your show.”

In the ten days leading up to the show, I continued to work on my voice and get coaching on how to interview from my friend Bobby Manard who is a Mindset, Technique, and Intuition coach. Then a week before, I had a great conversation with one of my dearest friends, Michelle Leigh, owner of Le Papillon Designs who said, “Listen, it’s not your voice that has to show up, it’s you! Do not worry about it. God supports you, so you will have everything you need to make it a successful experience. Go, do it, and enjoy it. There is a reason you’re being called upon to do this.” Ah, the level head and support of a beloved friend!

Taking the encouragement of Michelle and other friends, I went on the program. The host, Rox Burkey, who is fabulous, introduced me and created the perfect segue for addressing my speech impediment. The conversation took off from there and before I knew it, an hour passed. I had done it! I faced my fear, gave it my all, enjoyed myself, and I sensed that the audience gained what they needed from the dialogue. What is better than that?

I was still giving thanks to God when He presented a much larger opportunity. I had been given the heads up but had forgotten. A new friend, JJ (Jean Jacques) Bosco, the author of Nobody Knows What Happened in Rwanda: Hope and Horror in the 1994 Genocide sent me a message after connecting on LinkedIn to say hello and tell me about his book in early February. I wasted no time in buying and reading it. The content is heavy due to the nature of the story, but it is a page-turner. We remained in contact and learned that we were both seeking a screenwriter, but neither had any luck. Then in April, during my morning meditation, God told me that I was going to write JJ’s screenplay. At first, I was a bit put off because I had planned to write my own. After giving it thought and conversing with God, it was clear that JJ’s story needs to get out to the world and is far more important than my personal story.

I said yes knowing I am supported and God knows I’m capable of writing a great screenplay even though I’ve never done it before. Tina Fey’s quote is sage advice because if God gives you an opportunity then he knows you’re capable and He will put the people you need to be successful into your life. In this case, she is an immensely talented script writer and a long time beloved family friend, Sydney Kaiser. 

Here we are, the day before JJ and I embark on this incredible journey. I’m astonished with the result of saying yes. It has propelled me to heights I never dreamed possible and to do things that matter and make a positive difference in people’s lives. This experience will forever change me and potentially prepare me for even greater heights.

So, the next time God presents you with an opportunity, what will you say?

Within the next couple of days I will be emailing my Transformer Community an invite to join JJ and I on our journey. Details to follow. We would love for you to join us. To do so scroll to the bottom of the page and provide your name and email address. 

All Aboard!!! The Transformation train is leaving the station. The next stop, “It Could Happen to You!


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  1. Marie, thank you so much. That makes my heart so happy to hear. You also inspire me dear lady!! Keep on being you.

  2. That sounds intriguing!!!

    I am so happy for you ❣️❣️❣️❣️

    What kind of help are you talking about?

  3. Shari…this is fabulous! So excited for you and your ever-enfolding journey. Hugs from the Midwest….Kathleen

  4. I love reading about your journey, Shari. It not only makes me happy to know you are stepping into God’s plan, but it inspires me in so many ways.
    Love and grace,

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