I Believe: The Key to Manifesting Your Dream Life

Many people have asked me, “Why Florida?” I smile as I answer, “A modeling contract.” I mean, it was crazy at 55 to think I would be modeling for the first time in my life. But, hey, who am I to argue with the owner of the large modeling agency located in Winter Park, FL.

Let me take you back to last July. I had rented a home from my friends Laurie and Ken in Davenport while I looked for an apartment. With quarantine being over, I thought it was a good time to scope out the modeling agency and to go in and introduce myself. The trip was two-fold; I was also looking for an apartment in downtown Orlando, 10 minutes south of Winter Park.

After driving around Orlando, I quickly decided that city living was no longer my cup of tea. I need grass and nature to remain grounded and balanced. Now, back on the highway headed north, I received a message from spirit to take the Winter Park Historic District exit conflicted with Google Map directions to the agency. After giving it a split second thought, I turned off Google Maps and went where I was guided.

The historic district is a quaint downtown reminiscent of Rochester Hills, Michigan with its unique shops and restaurants. It was wonderful to see so many people out and about enjoying life again.

After walking around, I got back into my car and was then guided to an area a half-mile away. When I pulled up to the main entrance of the building, I knew Spirit picked this as my home for the next year. I couldn’t stop smiling.

I’ll never forget the day I moved in. It was the first place I could call home in over 6-years. As I stepped out of my car, I looked at the front entrance of the 5-story brand new, luxury apartment building and thought, “I’m so blessed. I can’t believe I’m going to call this place home.” It has all the amenities of a 5-star resort; a salt-water pool with a sunbathing deck in the pool allowing you to stay cool in the blistering Florida sun. The pool deck offers numerous seating areas, perfect for entertaining, dining, and grilling. If you choose to lay poolside on one of the many lounge chairs, the palm trees swaying in the wind and lush flowering tropical plants give the feeling of being in a tropical paradise.

The onsite gym is nicer than any gym I’ve ever been to. It offers everything from Peloton bikes to an area to do yoga and everything in between. The common area has several plush seating areas giving clear sight to the movie screen size tv, which is great because I didn’t buy a television and a glass wall that opens up giving full access and view of the pool. When I needed to get my hallmark fix or wanted to watch a college football game, I headed down and hung out there. Connected to this area are a bar, a dining table with seating for 6 people, and a game room. Oh yeah, I enjoyed playing Pac-Man on several occasions. Thankfully I played alone because I still suck at it. lol

The welcome area just inside the front entrance holds several half-circle blue plush sofas with glass top tables with chrome bases. The blown glass art pieces on the walls and the high-quality marble flooring give the area an art gallery-type feel.

Initially, it was hard to wrap my head around being gifted this opportunity by spirit. I have never lived in a luxurious home or apartment before and the rent was hundreds of dollars more than either of my previous mortgage payments were. This was a place I dreamed of living but never thought I would.

My apartment is on the 4th floor and I was the first person to ever live in it. It has one good size bedroom, a huge walk-in closet, with another large closet for storage parallel to it. The bathroom has a shower big enough for two with a waterfall fixture, and grey quartz counter tops. The walls are painted a light grey. The kitchen and living area are open and there is an island large enough for 2-3 bar stools, grey quartz counter tops, white shaker style cabinets with brushed steel pulls, a multi-colored glass back splash, and light grey laminate plank flooring throughout. The two sliding glass doors overlook a veterinary clinic, a road, and a fenced dirt parking lot where a company parks its vehicles in the evening. If you don’t have a pool view then there’s not much to look at. But, the proximity to shopping and downtown historic Winter Park make it a prime location. On top of all that, a parking garage is attached to the building. I never got wet getting into my car or out of it. I knew it wouldn’t take long to become accustomed to the new dreamy lifestyle.

It didn’t take long to get settled being I travel light. I gave up all but essentials when I moved to Tucson. Not having lived in an apartment environment for over 2 decades it took some time to adjust to neighbors, the dogs barking at promptly 7:00 am every morning when they are released into a play area at the clinic across the street, cars racing by, people gathering at all hours of the night on the street below my apartment, talking loudly, and sharing the amenities with others. I’ll be honest, I had become accustomed to and enjoyed the solitude of quarantine. So, the thought of getting out and meeting my neighbors was a bit daunting. But, I didn’t choose apartment living because I wanted to be alone. I was going to push myself to get out and make friends with my neighbors.

The plan was good in theory but most of the neighbors were not the socializing or friendly type. When I passed them in the hallway, I smiled and said hello. Typically, they ignored me and walked by as though they never saw me. Making friends didn’t seem to be in the cards.

But, there was one evening in November, just before Thanksgiving, I met a young man who is Katelyn’s age in the common area. He was watching the football game I came down to watch. He started the conversation, and it wasn’t long before he revealed he is intuitive. It was exciting to talk with a person who shares this commonality. Several hours passed before we decided it was time to call it a night. Before we parted ways, we exchanged phone numbers. He offered to introduce me to many of our neighbors with who he was friends and suggested I join the group for the weekly dance lesson that Thursday evening. I was touched by his offer. As I walked away, a smile came to my face and the fabulous feeling of having connected with someone on a deep level made my heart happy.

Unfortunately, something came up, and I wasn’t able to attend the lesson. Then I left town for the holidays. When I returned, the dance lessons were over. Our paths crossed on multiple occasions over the next 7-months, and we were cordial. But, introducing me was never mentioned again.

As for the man and woman who lived in the apartment above me, I nick-named him “Angry Walker.” In my experience, angry people stomp when they walk. That was certainly true for my father. Each step the “Angry Walker” took was felt and seen in the reverberation of the light fixtures. His stomping created anxiety for me because it brought back memories of my father coming home drunk and physically attacking us. This scenario always began with the loud thumping of his feet as he advanced towards the person he planned to harm. So, you can imagine the fear and the anxiety “Angry Walker’s” stomping created within me.

One afternoon, about one week after I moved in, I walked into my apartment early evening to find trouble brewing in the apartment above. Typically, I couldn’t hear neighbors if they used their inside voices. But, on this particular day, I heard “Angry Walker” screaming in Spanish at the woman who lives with him. When the angry stomping began, I knew he was going to attack her. At the point I heard her begging him to stop, I went into a post-traumatic episode. My body was shaking so badly that I almost wet myself. Terror took over. I ran into my closet, shut the door, sat on the floor, hid underneath hanging clothes, and covered my ears. I was paralyzed and could not think. I’m not sure how long it was before my mind returned to a conscious state. But, when it did, I removed my hands from my ears and could no longer hear the loud thumping but could hear the woman crying. I had to do something. The rational thing would have been to call the police but it never occurred to me. Instead, I hauled ass upstairs to see if their neighbors heard what I heard. I prayed someone was doing something.

No such luck. No one was in the hallway, and their voices were barely audible from the hallway. I could hear far better from my apartment. As I walked by the apartment, the man walked out and headed towards the parking garage. I was grateful to see that. I thought for a few moments about knocking on the door to see if the woman needed help but, I was still too shaken to speak.

From that moment when “Angry Walker” stomped around, a ping of fear arose within me.

There were other incidents throughout the year that made me realize, I had outgrown that environment, the people, and the area. I didn’t know exactly where I wanted to go but knew I was being drawn to the water, wanted a yard and places to hike and bike. Nature is what keeps my mind, body, and spirit healthy. So, I gave notice to the management company when spirit said, “It’s time for you to find your forever house.” I loved the sound of that but had no idea how it was going to happen.

Logically, it made no sense that I would think of buying a home because I was collecting unemployment which wasn’t enough to cover my bills, terrible credit, and unemployment was ending in early September. I would have no income and no down payment. But, I knew spirit had a plan. All I had to do was find a house and “believe.”

Most people would think waiting until mid-June to begin my search was cutting it way too close. But, I didn’t because I thought spirit would once again guide me to the perfect home. I wasn’t sweating it. In mid-June, I headed to the Clearwater Beach area. Having been there several times over the years and I knew I liked the area. On this particular trip, I ended up in Dunedin, voted Florida’s best small town just north of Clearwater. As I drove around, tears flowed. I knew this was the place I was meant to be. It felt like home. I should have stuck with that but I didn’t.

After going out several more times and exploring other areas on the gulf coast, I became confused and unsure of the direction spirit was telling me to go. I began to feel the pressure. I hadn’t planned to find a temporary housing solution because I thought I would go from the apartment to my new forever home. WRONG!!!

As most psychics do, I consulted my psychic friend Barbara Durham to ask, “Where the hell does spirit want me to live? Is there a house they have in mind? If so, where is it? Help me, Barbara. I don’t know what spirit is telling me. I need help STAT.” This conversation resulted in her telling me that spirit had a specific house in mind. It is a cute cottage-style house, with trees around it and it’s hidden. She thought it was in Dunnellon or near Sarasota. Ugh, completely different areas from where I was looking. At this same time, Laurie had a vision that my house was a small white house with blue shutters. She saw shrubs in front and thought it was between Sarasota and Venice Beach. Soon, Dunedin was not even a consideration. I forgot all about it.

I went out searching several more times and came up empty. I couldn’t find the house they told me about and I still wasn’t receiving clear definitive messages. So, I contacted another psychic friend Mary Puterbaugh who told me the same as Barbara but gave me details of the interior of the house. She also added the house may not be on the market yet. More than likely the house is a vacation home for the people who own it and they are still trying to decide if they want to sell it. Wow! How in the world was I going to find the house if it’s hidden and there is no for sale sign out in front? My frustration level went through the roof. That evening, a flash of looking through a haystack for a needle came to me. That aptly described what I was doing.

On the day I moved out of my apartment, I was no closer to finding the house the ladies described and I had no place to go. That afternoon, I headed west again and enlisted Laurie’s help with finding homes in the Clearwater area that fit the description of the home she pictured. I drove by them while I searched for a hotel to stay at. There were no vacancies. If you are thinking “Shit, she had to of been freaking out.” You’re partially right, but spirit let me know everything was going to be okay. Stay calm and stay open to messages. They were right, as they always are, they found me a hotel with a vacancy in Tampa.

The following day without finding the house, Laurie told me that I could stay with her for a few days until I found a place. Another dear friend saving my ass. I am truly blessed.

Last Friday, when I still hadn’t found the house or the area spirit said “You are going to contact a realtor today. And, you are going to look for a house that you love. Stop searching for the needle.” That morning as I searched for homes online, I had to register my information on a website to see the details of the homes that were for sale. About two minutes after doing that I received a text from a gal named Robyn. She works for a local realtor Jason Duraj. She asked if I’d like to talk with him about finding a home. I looked up and thanked Spirit for the fabulous connection. When I asked spirit “What am I going to tell Jason when he asks how I’m paying for the house?” Their response was “Cash!” “Whoa, that’s interesting but okay. That sounds fantastic. Thank you”, I said.

On Sunday afternoon, Jason texted to introduce himself and to ask what kind of house am I looking for. I emailed him a brief description of who I am, what I like to do, and what I was looking for in a house. The description I gave him was; I am looking for a little cottage near a beach. I want the 24×7 feeling of being on vacation and I want to rent the house out when I’m out of town. He acknowledged he understood what I said and he sent me numerous listings the next morning.

After texting and emailing each other Monday morning, I knew he was the perfect agent for me. We clicked immediately. He is a gifted agent who knew that what I asked for and what I wanted were not the same thing.

After sending me 6 listings for beach cottages, he sent me two other cottage-style homes in Dunedin. They are within biking distance of a state park, a beach, Pinellas Trail, the gulf, and the quaint downtown. I couldn’t believe it. He gathered what would make me truly happy with the little I told him about myself. That’s impressive.

I narrowed my list to two homes, one beach cottage and one home in Dunedin. I asked Jason if he could go see the homes and I could see them via Face Time. I requested this because I didn’t have the money to put gas in my car to make the trip. Unemployment cut off my payments a month earlier than expected. This would typically have me frazzled and anxious, but I knew spirit had bigger plans for me and I was confident it would work out.

Being the agreeable and accommodating man that he is, he scheduled the showings for the following morning.

I couldn’t sleep because of the excitement I felt about seeing the two homes but primarily seeing the home in Dunedin. I couldn’t get it out of my mind and felt it was the house for me. Its location isn’t the only thing that makes this house desirable, it’s newly remodeled, with a pool and a screened lanai. One of my favorite places to be when I write in on the lanai with the ability to jump in the pool to cool off when I’m hot.

By the time I crawled out of bed I knew that was the house for me. Spirit said “Get ready and go see the home in person. You’re going to love that house and you will want to see it in person. Don’t waste Jason’s time by making him go to see it twice. Besides, you’re going to make an offer on it.” When I asked how that was going to work out spirit said the next couple of steps would be revealed after I saw the houses. I grabbed my phone to text Jason and saw a notification, my tax refund that had been tied up since April with the IRS, was deposited into my account overnight. “Spirit, you’re on fire! Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.” I texted Jason immediately to request another change telling him I will be driving down to see the homes in person.”

As expected, the beach cottage was lovely, but the lifestyle and location were not for me. The moment I walked into the Dunedin house, I knew it was the one.

Without verbalizing it was the one, he said “This is the one, isn’t it?” I shook my head yes. We talked briefly about the price and agreed the asking price was fair but was 5 times more than the last house I owned. The thought of making an offer on a house that cost that much should have had me pausing but it didn’t. Spirit told me to find the house of my dreams and not worry about the price. I wasn’t going to argue.

Jason contacted the selling agent to inform them that an offer would be coming the following morning. I was flying high and could barely contain my excitement driving back to Laurie’s. I knew in my heart, that was my forever home.

Well, that was until the next morning, when I informed my psychic friend’s that I found the house of my dreams. I sent them the address and they saw the photos online. They both liked it but Mary said, “That’s not the house spirit has in mind for you. It’s similar to the one they have chosen, but that house is by itself. You won’t have neighbors. Are you sure you want houses right on top of you like that? Either way, spirit supports your decision.” The lack of sleep and the news of this not being house put me into a tailspin. I was back to that indecisive fear-based place. It was agony. After going back and forth with the ladies, I texted Jason that I wasn’t sure I wanted to make an offer on that house after all. He asked me why. When I told him, he reiterated all the wonderful things about the neighborhood, the house, and the location underlining that it suits my lifestyle perfectly.

I got back into my car, drove to a city north of Dunedin to check out a house Jason sent me after I texted him. Yuck, I didn’t like the area of the house. After lunch, I headed to Dunedin, to check the area again and to drive by the house. As I drove by I saw a red car pull up to the house. I knew immediately, it was a realtor wanting to show it. I thought “Oh shit. I waited too long and blew it.” Almost in a panic, I drove around the corner and found a parking place. I pulled the offer up on my and signed it immediately then texted Jason, that I had done so. He didn’t say it but I sensed he was sighing with relief. We both knew the house would sell quickly so there was no time to waste.

You are probably asking, “What happened next?” I woke up Friday morning, the offer was accepted and I was under contract. It seemed surreal but it was exciting. The only thing was, Jason said “Congratulations. I’ll schedule the home inspection. You need to send me the proof of funds asap and submit the deposit within 4 days.” I said, “Okay.”

I know that the key to manifesting is to believe that spirit has my back and they will come through with the money. This sounds easy but it isn’t. My ego has gotten in the way so many times, that I haven’t been successful in manifesting my dream life. I may have screwed this opportunity up if Mary didn’t say “Shari, spirit said you are screwing things up by not trusting them 100%. You absolutely must trust them. If you don’t the money won’t come.” This was the proverbial slap to the head that I needed. That statement changed my perspective immediately. I went from thinking of this as something I want to something spirit wants to give to me. Why would I question how they’re making the gift happen. I would never do that to a person, why would I do that to spirit? I needed to detach from the “how”, sit back, and allow it to happen.

As I sit here, typing this article, the time is 12:22. The two’s represent manifestations taking form and major life changes. Spirit is letting me know, even though we’re halfway through the day that I owe the deposit and the proof of funds and have neither, keep on believing.

My closing is scheduled for September 3rd. Stay tuned.

All Aboard!  The Transformation train is leaving the station. Next stop, “You Will Be Tested.


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