Focus is The Name of the Game

I almost did it again! 

A little over a year ago, I began writing a memoir about my life transformation journey. During that time, I received interest from a British publisher and connected with a well-known British poet and author who was kind enough to take me under his wing and mentor me through the process.

Then in January of this year, I received a message from spirit that I needed to briefly pivot from the book to develop a website, blog to tell my story and the story of others. Once the blog was up and running, I was to go back to writing my memoir. The plan sounded valid.

Nothing went according to plan.

It turns out web development isn’t in my DNA. My attempt to develop a website took far too long, and the finished product was subpar. The result was paying a developer to redesign the site. That took longer than expected and required so much of my time that articles didn’t get written. Now, the site is aesthetically pleasing and will grow as my business grows. But, there are issues with the SEO, and I’m struggling to drive traffic to my site. My plans to monetize it have eluded me so far. So, I reached out to an expert and multiple delays have prevented her from starting.

The reality is I’m 7-months into the pivot, and I’m no closer to finishing my memoir, my blog is not generating income, and there are lots of articles to write. The dream of being a published author and my memoir helping others is farther away than ever.

What was I thinking?

As though that wasn’t enough, I wasted time by changing my focus, again. Over the weekend, I received an intuitive message that a friend needed guidance to get her business going. I wrote spirits’ messages down, developed a plan of attack, then met with her to review the information. In total, I spent 4 hours and enjoyed every minute of it. It was so exciting using skills I honed during my corporate days that I decided to offer an Intuitive Mentoring Service. Oh yeah, you know where this is going! That’s right! I dove headfirst into the rabbit hole. I told everyone that I was throwing my hat into the coaching arena. I even told certified coaches I was doing this. They are kinder people than I am for not telling me to take my head out of my ass. I’m leaving that work to the experts and acknowledge I allowed a temporary exhilaration to change my focus. As for the message from spirit, it wasn’t intended to redirect my focus but to help her to focus. Bad move!!! 

The misdirected focus continued yesterday. Instead of writing an article for my blog or working on my book, I spent the day advertising a discount on psychic readings and telling people that I’m getting into Intuitive Mentoring. The net of it is, I didn’t accomplish a damn thing that moved me closer to my goal. That realization led me to another; in the last 16 months, I pissed away the opportunity to complete my book while working with an accomplished published author, and my blog isn’t generating income. Yes, I have regrets.

The saying that focus determines our reality is true. I started the year off focused on completing my memoir, being a published author, being free of debt, generating income from my blog, inspiring others through my writing, and driving a Maserati. Today, I’m looking for an inexpensive place to hang my hat and wondering if the ship has sailed on the other dreams. My reality is a direct reflection of my misfocus.

FOCUS is the key to success. 

Today, I am moving forward with another lesson learned, a reminder of the fall out of poor choices, a laser focus on finishing my book, and writing articles for my blog. It’s about living my purpose and it’s through writing that I do that.  My advice to you is; hang in there and remain focused.

All Aboard! The Transformation train is leaving the station. Next stop, “I Believe: The Key to Manifesting Your Dream Life.


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  1. Your style is unique in comparison to other people I’ve read stuff from. Many thanks for posting when you have the opportunity, Guess I will just book mark this web site.

  2. Shari you are amazing and your writing skills, and powerful words have me interested in reading more…keep up the good work..xoxo

  3. Marie, you’re so right. Thank you for the affirmation and encouragement. You also continue forward dear friend.

  4. Shari,
    You are right that staying focused is important in order to achieve a goal. Since none of us are perfect, if we learn from our mistakes, then we’ve accomplished something. I think we have all lost focus at one time or another… I give you a lot of credit for sharing the story because by doing so you inspire many many others…

  5. Shari, you are beautiful! Sometimes our enthusiasm for living life gets in the way of moving in a specific direction. Remembering that all our intentions are positive helps in understanding our “rabbit trails” and to acknowledge who we are. Rein it in and push forward! You will prevail and survive.

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